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If your earlier detective work determined that the guitar was probably made in the early 70’s, you can now ascertain that since you always date an instrument by the latest dated part, that it’s most likely from 1974.Let’s say that you’ve dated a particular Gibson Les Paul Deluxe to be from 1972, and the pot code says 1378912.- All vintage USA Big Muffs have source-date codes stamped on the underside of the potentiometer cans, or “pots”.The pots are what the knobs are mounted to, essentally manually adjustable resisitors that control the voltage across a circuit.Electro-Harmonix used pots from various makers, but they were usually the 24mm size, with 1/4" knob posts.Logarithmic taper pots, or audio pots, will also work for the volume pot and sound better, but they are more expensive than linear.

We’re not talking about dinner and a movie, of course…

After spending a lot of time with our passive tone controls and tone caps, I think it’s time to take care of its soul mate – the volume pot!

With the standard passive volume system there are typically two problem fields: 1. The treble loss when rolling back the volume (aka "volume vs.

The Muff could have been made months or even years after the pots were purchased as it is known that Electro-Harmonix bought the pots in bulk, as did Fender, and other companies at the time.

Stackpole and CTS made the pots in large runs also, so they may have shipped pots dated earlier than the year Electro-Harmonix ordered them. Some Triangle Muff pot codes are dated 1966, two years earlier than the founding of Electro-Harmonix!

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