Updating cabinet hardware

And really, doesn’t all of that just depend on how accurate a measurer (not a word? But, I had just resurfaced my cabinets with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit so I really didn’t want to go and screw them up. 3 – Make your necessary measurements to get your hardware centered. I go from the top down, from each side in and then line up the hardware to make sure the marks line up.

Another option is a rounded, long and vertical handle in the same finish.If your faucet and other appliances are stainless steel, you’ll want to choose a cabinet hardware option that is close to that finish.Otherwise, the two will cause a clash of design in your kitchen.1) Buy longer screws or 2) countersink the screw heads. I didn't have a countersink drill bit, so I drilled a shallow hole slightly wider than the screw head with a large bit and then went back and drilled a second smaller hole all the way through the door. I found a pretty easy way to get my new cabinet hardware attached, lined up, centered, level and lookin’ good so I thought I’d share it with you.

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