T boz dating dalvin

Then I watched Crazy Sexy Cool and had to shut my mouth wide open! I hope this is the beginning of great things for her.

Lil Mama came through and told all of us to SUCK IT with that performance, and I was pleasantly surprised. Own your work, your name, your ideas – Perri “Pebbles” Reid was the Grinch of the TLC story, having cheated them out of millions with a trifling contract (read Twitter’s Pebbles roast for cackles). For bloggers, read my post on How to Protect Your Blog Content: Know Your Rights.

Her babyhair in the film just didn’t quite CURL alla way over.

It looked like it was floating above her forehead in certain scenes.

Also, neither did her wig SHINE like Chilli’s hair be doing. If you liked this post, please put a TWEET on it with one click!

It’s like she walks around with sheen spray, letting her entire soul glo. It was a fitting tribute to one of the greatest girl groups ever, and by the end, I was ready to just throw ALL my monies at ALL the TLC things. Hollywood needs to bank on millennial nostalgia right now.

In November 2011, T-Boz filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

When I heard she’d be playing Left Eye, I did wonder if no one else auditioned and my side-eye was activated. So yes, we underestimated her and I’m glad she came and told us to tuck in our shaderation. Well, I wasn’t wishing bad things on her before (because I’m not a cartoon villain) but now I’m actively hoping she gets more roles.They couldn’t replicate that look like they should, which is why I don’t think Keke was great in this role. Lipsyching is hard – Everyone on Ru Paul’s Drag Race should be crowned winner of something because lipsyching for your life is not easy. Because some of the scenes where they did closeup shots of the girls singing TLC songs (Especially the No Scrubs part), the lips ain’t quite match up with the music. We’re missing our childhood and things that take us back to it will get you in our pocket. Had they been in front of panelists, they’da gotten the “Sashay away” verdict. And I get that most people never like these attempts at memorializing celebs who pass.There will be some of us who feel like what was done wasn’t enough and some who will feel like too much is exploitive.

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    Kardashian, who was dressed as the character Storm, simply captioned the photo of her and her new beau (as Black Panther) with a heart emoji.