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Von’s plans have yet to be approved by the City of L. Review of the plans by the City will include scrutiny of Von’s traffic plan safety issues raised by the Council. There was a lengthy discussion about placing the proposed tower in the parking lot of the Riviera Country Club or on Sunset at Capri.Stuart Muller displayed and distributed photos of the two parkways located directly adjacent to Vons (on Sunset Blvd. A consensus emerged that the community is opposed to a tower at Sunset and Capri on the South/West corner. Janet Turner announced that there is a community care facility at 16815 Sunset Blvd.The Committee also learned that DWP has 0 million in a Deregulation Fund which is no longer required for that purpose, however, DWP wants to use it for a debt retirement fund since it has over billion in bonded indebtedness and that it is going to try to sell more bonds this spring. Ted reported on behalf of the Sparkplug Selection Committee that the 2009 honorees are Eric Bollens, Marge Gold and Linda Jackson Vitale. Marguerite reported on behalf of the Citizen dinner committee that the dinner will take place on April 22 at the American Legion Post, the cost of tickets will be .50 per person, and that flyers have been printed and are ready for distribution. “Palisades Gateway Signs Committee” Chairman Stuart Muller stated that the committee’s initial goals, suggested by Muller and PPCC Chair Richard Cohen, are to provide the PPCC Board with information and recommendations regarding the “purpose, consequence, function, design and location of graphic signage placed at entrance points and/or other location in Pacific Palisades.” As requested, Sam Rubin recently provided the committee with this written summary of his proposal: “The purpose of these signs is to identify and honor the Pacific Palisades.

The committee seeks further input from the community. .] Members of the Los Angeles Fire Department spoke to the Council about brush clearance, fees, and policy.

If owners believe they are not in brush areas, they can submit affidavits which he will consider in determining whether or not the properties are in brush areas.

If they are not, those properties will be exempted from the brush clearance fee. There is one expression of interest received to date. The Chair named the 2010 Nominating Committee: Steve Boyers (Chair) plus George Wolfberg and Stuart Muller.

Accordingly, the Chair asked Mr Sutherland to report back to the Council with better descriptions of the towers proposed for the two locations. : Richard Cohen, Janet Turner, Ted Mackie, Steve Cron, George Wolfberg, Stuart Muller, Richard Wulliger, Harry Sondheim, Paul Glasgall, Marguerite Perkins Mautner, Gil Dembo, Amy Kalp, Joyce Brunelle, Mary Cole, Joyce Brunelle, Barbara Kohn, Nancy Marsden, Haldis Toppel . All pchpartners projects including low-flow and Bluffs stabilization are on time with Bluffs to conclude by Memorial Day; CIRS expected to start this September . Steve Lantz and Patti Post addressed the Council about the threatened loss of the Commuter Express Line 430. The banners of an outside group cannot be put up more than 4 times a year. There will be a standardization of the size of all banners.” 11. There were no representatives from Councilman Rosendahl’s office or from the LAPD. Neighbors’ efforts to understand the facts and regulatory requirements for such facilities continue. This motion went to a committee which approved the extension. [Note: adjournment time not recorded.] ATTACHMENT: Item 9.1 — Supplemental Information From August 13, 2009 Minutes – Previous Cellular Facilities Resolution: “In order to preserve and protect the quality of the community, Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) supports changes in the method of regulating the installation of cellular facilities in the City of Los Angeles in the public rights of way.

The Council voted to oppose the proposed cancellation of the line, passing the following motion unanimously, motion by Toppel, second by Mautner: “The Pacific Palisades Community Council opposes the complete elimination of LADOT Commuter Express Line 430. : Richard Cohen, Janet Turner, Ted Mackie, Steve Cron, George Wolfberg, Richard Wulliger, Harry Sondheim, Paul Glasgall, Marguerite Perkins Mautner, Gil Dembo, Amy Kalp, Nancy Marsden, Jack Allen, Peter Fisher, Norma Spak, Chris Spitz, Dan Rosenthal, Alex Lehrhoff . The next meeting will be held on February 25, 2010. Harry Sondheim was appointed as the PPCC Citizen of the Year Committee Representative. The City Council was due to vote on the motion on February 12, 2010. City approval clears the way for application for federal funds to pay for the project. Paul Glasgall announced that Verizon has agreed to move two of its proposed five new cell towers in the Highlands, but they have not yet agreed to move them to the reservoir as Paul requested. Amanda Manning spoke about the Relay for Life fundraising event which will take place on May 1 and 2 at Marquez Elementary School. While the present zoning code imposes requirements, including public notice and hearings, on the placement, design and construction of cellular facilities on other properties, such requirements do not apply to installations of cellular facilities in the public rights of way. The AT&T issue will be scheduled for presentation at the PPCC meeting on March 11, 2010. Vons is seeking city approval for a remodel which includes the relocation of their loading dock to the north side of the building along Sunset Blvd.

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