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Jackie Wilson was much admired by Elvis, and rightly so. " but he also offered financial support to Jackie's family, after Wilson became ill and spent several years in a comatose state in hospital. In September 1975 he suffered a heart attack while performing onstage and damaged his head when he fell.

Elvis thought so much of him that he not only copied his moves when performing "Return to Sender" in the film "Girls! Wilson also admitted that he was influenced by Elvis. He went into coma and only emerged from that state briefly in 1976.

Sadly, Del Shannon committed suicide early in 1990.

Snow's heyday was between 19, but he continued performing regularly until the mid-1990s. Gordon Lightfoot recorded his own version shortly before Peter, Paul and Mary's hit version of 1964, but his recording was not released until 1966.

Writing credit on Wilson's release showed Smith and Jackson; this led them to be sued by Miner and Davis and these were awarded 80% of the credits. Bumble announced in "Oliver Twist" that, "The law is an ass…" and right he might well have been, for The Dells' song, "Higher and Higher" (now titled "(You're Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher" for some reason, as these words do not appear in the lyrics), is very different to the Jackie Wilson version, with only minor lyrical and melodic similarities: an inspiration, perhaps, but little more. Elvis's recording was an informal one, made on a household tape-recorder and never intended for release.

The full title of the song is "500 Miles From Home" and exactly who wrote it is something of a mystery: some sources show it as being "traditional," others give only Hedy West as the writer, while still others list it as having been written by Bobby Bare, Hedy West and Charlie Williams.

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