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Her boyfriend, Zach, on the other hand, is descended from a prestigious Midwestern family and grew up very affluent, living in a mansion-like home, playing on tennis courts and attending private schools. Do you have any idea how hot it is to watch your boyfriend chop wood?

But while Kim is now pursuing her master's degree, Zach dropped out of undergrad years ago. " But mixed-collar relationships aren't just happening because husband-hungry women are venturing outside their own social circles to find marriageable men, per Birger's thesis.

." Birger argues that this "shortage" can be attributed to one primary factor: a skewed ratio of educated women to educated men.

While there are 5.5 million college-educated women ages 22 to 29 in the United States, there are only .

For instance, money is cited by most couples as one of the biggest that people from different classes tend to approach their relationships differently.

Hands up if you have hundreds of matches on dating apps who you've never spoken to. It's a pretty common habit, and probably the result of just having too much choice.

That's not going to work, especially if it's class difference — it's just going to be a frustrating experience for both people" Streib told magazine.

"So marrying someone who you appreciate as they are is a really big part of it."Couples in mixed-collar relationships echoed this sentiment, saying that in order for such relationships to thrive, you need to detach from both your personal and social expectations of who your partner "should" be.

As a result of their disparate upbringings, the two have totally different outlooks on life — which is partially why they're so attracted to each other. Rather, it seems that mixed-collar relationships happen simply because both partners are compatible. Emily attended a west coast private school, while her carpenter boyfriend Alex* has his GED.

"He doesn't have to impress anyone (except probably me) ... "I met my partner at a party, immediately felt attracted, and we went out a few times.

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