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Then you are going to charge us with dishonest use of a telephone. The Occupy Movement has caused enough damage to my friends, family and society. Prior to the Occupy Movement, the police held training sessions to conduct large-scale arrests. Cry for the police, for Hong Kong, for my church ... The two-month-long Umbrella Movement is coming to a close.

We wouldn't be fucking stupid enough to say here that we are going to do whatever it is. My husband reminded me that this is the Devil's work. Really, when the demonstrators stand in front of us to curse our children, I told myself that God also loves them. On some days, when things calm down, I want to cry. At the time of writing, the Occupy Admiralty area is being cleared.

Hong Kong police on Wednesday and Thursday arrested several dissidents at or near their homes, as authorities concurrently prepared to clear the citys main protest camp. It is nitpicking to call them "evil police." If you lose a flower pot, you can get it back some day. For the June 25-30, 2014 survey, the 95% confidence interval is 36% /- 7% = (29%, 43%). When they go out to the communities with these kinds of attitudes, they are clearly running against their goals, and their ideals get farther and farther away from reach.

So some people now have the impression that opposition to the Occupy Movement has just tumbled down from about 80% (Wave 2 Q6) to under 50% (Wave 3 Q1).(3) 03OCT2014反佔中人士衝擊銅鑼灣路障,攬少女大髀,鑽褲襠 October 3, 2014 an anti-Occupy Central person charges a Causeway Bay roadblock, grabbing the thigh of a young woman and getting into her pants, by Soc REC, with 1.38 million viewings. Bonus: Photo of the year: Intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street, Mong Kok. For the November 25-28 poll, margins of sampling error are included. (Man) For more than sixty days, I've had to go to work. First of all, we have to invest our youth and career, and take a bet that may go on for decades with no return. They accuse people of being asleep, they want to educate people, they despise people who run around trying to make a living for being so selfish.Anti-Occupy demonstrators surround the Occupy demonstrators, with only the Evil Police to form human chains to save them. Actually, it is nitpicking to call them "police dogs." Don't call them "police dogs" because that is an insult to dogs. For the 29% net satisfaction rate for the Hong Kong Police force, the 95% confidence interval is 29% /- 7% = (22%, 36%). I didn't have time to look up you people and pay you back. You listen to the sounds of the citizens of Tsuen Wan. We have to face the pro-establishment camp with their organizations, connections and infinite resources. They never go out and understand what the masses really have to put up with.It has had choice words not just for the government, but for the protests unofficial student leaders, accusing them of timidity in confronting the government for the right to free and fair elections here. (Man) This one is solo. (Wong) You shouldn't call them "evil police" whenever you see one. Therefore the 95% of the difference in satisfaction rates is 2 x 5% = 10%. - The brick team, which is equipped with bricks, metal bars and hammers - The fire extinguisher team, which is equipped with portable fire extinguishers to use against the riot police - The bomb squad, which is responsible for setting fire to police vehicles as well as fire walls to isolate the riot police - The shield team, which is equipped with iron/steel/wooden long shields to stand in front to hold off the police charge - The long rod team, which is equipped with long bamboo poles and will stand behind the shield team - The "Shopping Revolution" team, which is the reserve. This HKU-POP editorial is also unprofessional in another aspect. But community work is a lot more difficult than short-term fights. At this time, plenty of people in the Occupy Movement accused others of being "Hong Kong pigs" who have not waken up yet.

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