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— Step inside the cavernous concrete coil of the Mustin Field Seaplane Hangar. Bixler has a keen interest in adaptive reuse, underappreciated architecture, contemporary literature and art, and forward-thinking dialogue about people and place.Follow him on Instagram Cherry Street Pier is officially open for business.The network of manufacturing buildings dating back to WWI has been dissolved.The abandoned Naval barracks and officer’s swimming pool are all gone too.Komendant is often discussed in academic and architectural circles, but usually plays a small, backseat role when evaluating the importance of a building.

It was next used by the Navy as a aviation testing facility until 1963, then a gymnasium, then as a commissary store until the Navy Yard officially closed in 1995. Night Shyamalan filmed the interior shots for his epic box office flop, , underneath the sprawling, concrete dome.Tedesco took his first job in Germany with Dyckerhoff & Widmann, the firm that pioneered thin-shell reinforced concrete construction, made famous for their work developing the Zeiss Dywidag System in the early 1920s for Carl Zeiss Company planetariums and their steel and concrete cupola domes.In the 1950s Buckmeister Fuller would retool the innovative system into his signature geodesic dome.The Navy Yard is abundant with Georgian Revival mansions, stately former officer’s quarters, and adaptable industrial gems most brilliantly displayed by Urban Outfitter’s 2010 transformation of a block of late 19thcentury machine shops into a contemporary corporate campus.But nothing is left of Mustin Field save for Tedesco’s Seaplane Hangar and an adjacent electric substation.

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