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In school, I had a full-time job and lived on a shoestring budget.

This helped me get the income I needed to put extra money towards my loans each payday.

The 0 lender credit will be applied to closing costs or prepaid items reflected on the Closing Disclosure. Events outside of Amplify’s control, including but not limited to; appraised values, escrow or title delays, or weather-related issues may prolong the process. Amplify Credit Union NMLS #530487; Alex Cardona NMLS # 207769; Terry Council NMLS# 836476; Juan Nunez NMLS# 260958.My unsubsidized loans accrued interest each month according to their balance and interest rate.Since I didn’t want my loan balances going up during school, I set up automatic monthly payments to cover the interest, plus for good measure.In fact, that’s exactly how I paid off ,000 in student loans within two years of graduating from my MBA program.Paying off your student loans early comes with significant financial benefits, too.

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