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Besides concerts and activity days, students filled their time by attending movie openings like The Last of the Mohicans and The Vanishing.

They also saw the last of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the New Art Theater before small crowds forced it to close.

As a whole, however, students participated in a variety of activities to make their 1992-1993 school year slightly different from those before.

6 Slightly Different ^^ Randy Johnson dances with his daughter, Kim, junior in CBA, during the halftime activites of the Marching Illini's Dad's Weekend show on November 7.

The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics welcomed new coaches into their system.

Mark Johnson became the new head wrestling coach, Craig Tiley was appointed the new head men's tennis coach, and Lou Tepper assumed his full-time position as the head football coach after being named to the position before the 1992 John Hancock Bowl.

Professors and teaching assistants had to cut down their load and combine their divided sections into one.

Many Black Greek Council members watched the event to welcome the sorority back to campus.

■ courtesy of Toi Walker Opening 3 &5 c^ TLY REN' Bush and Independent Ross Perot to become the 42nd president of the United States. was on an upswing, though, as the economy swelled and merchants did the best in years during the holiday season.

Students and members of the community slept on the Quad to protest violence against women.

People once again lined up to protest against Chief Illiniwek at various athletic events.

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