Lifesex in hongkong

Schools close when a Red Rainstorm warning is announced and everyone has to stay inside during a Black Rainstorm.

Winters are usually mild although the occasional cold front can bring strong, cool winds from the north.

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Most business people speak good English, and government signs are posted in Chinese and English; , Cantonese is the spoken dialect of choice, compared with the more widely known Mandarin (Putonghua) used on the Chinese mainland.

Typhoon Warnings are graded on a numeric scale and Rainstorm warnings are graded on a colour scale.

When a Typhoon Number 8 signal warning goes out, businesses, public transport and schools close.

Yet, be warned, unless you are an outstanding sports person or your company has a debenture of two, the waiting lists to join are seriously long (some are 10-15 years or more), and the joining fees are well into the hundreds of thousands of HK$; oh…, and there are monthly dues on top.

Some of the most desirable clubs, include the following: Chinese Recreation Club Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Craigengower Cricket Club Fanling Golf Club Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC) Hong Kong Golf Club (HKGC) Jockey Club Ladies Recreation Club Shek-O Golf Club One of the many ‘perks’ of living in Hong Kong is that domestic help is relatively cheap and many people end up having a maid working for them; most maids are from The Philippines or Indonesia and their terms of employment are governed by the Immigration Department which has issued a standard contract for their engagement.

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