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And while their experiences are representative for some of Iran's homosexuals, they are hugely different from those of the people who choose to stay in the country, or don't have the opportunity to leave.

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The vast majority of media reports about homosexuality in Iran are based on accounts of torment and oppression from gays and lesbians who have fled the country.

Even if one manages to create a parallel life, it is tenuous and can be destroyed instantly.

In a dimly lit mansion on the slopes of northern Tehran, the thump of an electronic bass so loud it makes the windows clatter, bounces off the walls of the vast living room and out onto the porch.

After lunch, John must be for an hour in the University. I can guess not expected, Yes, not even what happens then. I him make clear quickly, I don't want anything from him and he looks at me with wide eyes. With him, I understand me but better and so I am somewhat annoyed, but better things when we pick him up again. Together is then a "Hubble bubble bar", as they call it. When Bob comes back he gurgling funny stuff in Farsi, but again, I understand the word "Sex". I think I must be crazy or better, the two spiders. In some circumstances this stupidity was still funny, but Hello, we are in the Iran. No feeling behind it the whole thing like masturbation, just with women instead of hand. In any case I will no longer stay at the two and back to the bike. With many questions in my head, I reach my bike a bit later.

Bob is driving me to one another, not yet opened department store. Even Bob's girlfriend and one more woman we pick. I go myself to John English, and he asks actually, if I want to have sex with Bob's girlfriend? I think me being interrogated to have and just ask "What? When it then comes to the next Hubble bubble bar, I decide to take a taxi. It is already dark, there late and now I have also no sleeping place.

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