Hiei dating quiz

There is probablysomeone out there that you look up to greatly,and you have a meditating side as well thatpeople are often surprised to see. You have an extremely cynical outlook on just abouteverything.

Despite thetough exterior, you are a truly kind person andyou will become one of the truest companionsyour friends will ever find. It's okay to sulk and bedepressed, but life is short, and you only getone. "And The Phoenix's cycle had reachedzenith, so he consumed himself in fire.

Without people like you others would be flyingover the edge because, whether you know it ornot you keep a steady beat to your life andwill end up where you want to in the end. Although most of the time Hieiis emotionless and would rather be on his own,you just might be the girl he opens up to! Forget magic andpowers, youre all about drawing your sword orsending punches into a monsters face!

Per esempio, in Learning Pages / Dating and Relationships ci sono quiz per valutare An Italian Christmas Journal, quizzes, proverbs, stories,.Phoenixes are the best friends to have becausethey cheer people up easily. Kay I have three sites if you like Kurama, Hiei or Sesshoumaru. You seem to wear a mask so they cannot seeyou sad, so you wear the mask to lock away thetrue pain inside..one day, you will beable to take off the mask, and live in thelight... ;_; Coldand pessimistic to many people, even Kurama hadto prove himself before he was trusted. Your motives for traveling vary:either you want money and treasure, you have anoble cause you wish to fulfill or someone toprotect, or you could just be itching forstronger opponents to fight. Thereis a sureness about you that is hard to matchthat draws people to you. A nameless character, someone lost behind the mask,another type of main character..areforgotten within yourself, lonely and yettrying to comfort others who are in pain asyou. He's a fire demon banished from hishome town when he was really little. He'svery independent and generally cares little forhuman life, but if he likes you then he'llalways be loyal to you, and respect you. You'restrong and you probably encounter the heroand/or party very early on...lending yourservices to take care of some bandits ormonsters.

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