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TPS may also stop distressing calls intended for a deceased relative.

How to add your number to the register depends on if it's a mobile or landline: TPS is a register, not an automatic blocking device.

While being on it means you'll no longer receive cold calls from more reputable companies in the EU, it's unlikely to deter rogue firms.

TPS also won't stop automated messages – no matter how legit the firm is or where it's based.

Send any message to your phone number and you’ll see your new reply. Twi ML is just one way to send text messages with Twilio.

Alternatively you can block as many as you like with one phone call.

See the New service to opt out of charity cold calling MSE News story for full details.

For more info on how to use it, see the BT free spam calls filter MSE News story.

If you're fed up with unsolicited calls, texts, emails and post from charities asking for donations, then there's a service will let you opt out.

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