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Explain what happens during puberty for both boys and girls.

Offer reassurance that children of the same age mature at different rates.

Discussing these issues now can help your child avoid feeling pressured to become sexually active before he or she is ready. If you see a commercial for a feminine hygiene product, use it as a springboard to talk about periods.

If a couple on a TV show begin dating, talk about relationships and falling in love. Encourage your child to take care of his or her body, develop a healthy sense of self-respect, and seek information from trusted sources.

Eno's unusual style meshed well with the group's artistic sensibilities, and they began to explore an increasingly diverse range of musical directions, from post-punk to psychedelic funk to African music.

He attended the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1970-1971 term, and the Maryland Institute College of Art in the 1971-1972 term.Sex education often begins as simple anatomy lessons during the toddler years.But during the school-age years, your child might start asking specific questions about sex. Consider this guide to discussing sex with your school-age child.Correct any misconceptions, and then offer enough details to answer the specific questions.Don't laugh at your child's questions or use nicknames for your child's sexual anatomy, which may send the signal that these body parts shouldn't be discussed.

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