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Expecting to see my other pal, John, I almost lost the fine Irish whisky warming my mouth when I turned my shoulders to see Grandma Elliot in front of me! "Well, well," Grandma Elliot said, her hands on her hips. I took her hands in mine and twirled her around and then moved in closer until our bodies were in full contact. Soon a slower number came on, full of strings and keyboards.Her generous breasts were pressed against my lower chest and her hips pressed close against mine as we twisted to the music. I put my grandmother's hands around my neck and circled my arms around her waist and we slowly pressed our bodies together tighter.Grandma began to stroke my cock more and more quickly, gasping in small, tight sighs as I urged my hips forward to meet her insistent hand. A quicker song came booming through the speakers and, as if the spell had been broken, we relaxed our bodies.Grandma raised her arm back to my neck, and I raised my arms to circle her waist. Grandma wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down, harder onto her lips.Again, Grandma broke the kiss and dragged me through the parking lot to her car. Streetlights flashed overhead as I maneuvered the car down the streets to Grandma's place. .ohhhhhhhh." As she came, Grandma pulled my hair and began gently smacking my head against her tits.

I rose at 6 in the morning, worked all day, six days a week, and usually never returned home from work before 10 or 11 p.m. She kept her mouth close to my ear and I could feel her warm, moist breath on my neck. She settled back down and reached out to take my hand in hers.

Around March, I figured I'd saved up enough money to relax for a couple of months so I told my boss I was leaving. Heading out into the Spring air that afternoon, I felt great. I hopped in my car, headed toward my apartment, and stopped at the first bar that got in my way. Within an hour, I had danced with a young Ivy league grad on her first marketing job, a cute Filipina with earrings down to her shoulders, and a knockout redhead who'd done some temp work at my office. After my dancefloor workout, my pal Sam and I became seriously engaged with a bottle of Bushmills whisky. Her shoulders were bare and you could just see the beginning of some appetizing cleavage peeking out of the top of her dress. "It isn't often an old gal like me can find a good-looking younger guy like you." I felt a hot blush spread across my face and my back. The guy next to Grandma turned away from the bar, pushing her gently against me. "Don't treat me like your grandmother," she said as she squeezed my hand again. The music was loud, and fast, and full of deep, deep, sensual bass lines.

Around one, as Sam and I leaned into our drinks and mumbled half-remembered jokes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Grandma Elliot was beaming a big smile at me and I returned it with a goofier one of my own. Our bodies were separated only by our hands, and I felt mine pressed firmly against her belly. "I'll tell you what," Grandma whispered to me, her full lipsticked mouth only inches from mine. We danced now like a guy and a girl who've met in a club for the first intoxicating time. She had a big smile plastered on her lips and I could see her squeezing her eyes shut and sighing as we dipped and spun together.

Then, her hand squirmed its way between our clamped bodies, down across my belly, over my belt, and onto my cock. As my dick grew longer and longer, she began pressing her palm into the head of my cock, mashing it hard against my thigh. I was dry humping on the dancefloor with my grandmother.

Jesus, I thought I was going to explode in pleasure.

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