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I marked the UDF I am using as volatile [Excel Function(Is Volatile = true)] and now the timer callback via RTD automatically updates the worksheet without any manual user intervention.When creating or updating a data link to an Excel file in Auto CAD, the process does not work.It seems the trouble is that I am using a custom function in the cells.The caclulate or autocalculate doesn't understand what it is or something.I set calculation mode to automatic but when I enter "=Now()" inside a cell I do not see the time updating even when formatting is changed to show seconds. Changing a formatting is not an event that needs a recalculation, so that is not enough; but for example typing anything in any cell I think I found the culprit. update when something else (calculation relevant) is changed on the sheet, and a recalculation is triggered that way.Disable update links message with Edit Links feature Disable update links message with Excel Options Edit Links, see screenshot: 2.In the Edit Links dialog box, click Startup Prompt button at the bottom, see screenshot: 3.

Potentially it could happen again, and if I didn't notice, then any input changes introduced would not be accurately reflected in the outputs.

For example, the source workbook may have been moved and you need to update the external reference to reflect the change.

I have a Word doc with numerous links to an excel sheet.

As a simplifed example, in Sheet A cell A1 has the formula =Sheet B! If I goto Sheet B and change cell A2, and then go back to Sheet A, the value in cell A1 does not update to reflect the change.

If I force calculation (F9) it still does not update.

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