Elder oaks dating talk

I was used to move heavy crates, furniture, garbage, boxes, and do other things which prevented me from my LP positions work.

I feel I was targeted, due to the fact of my age, and my loss of teeth, and my sexual orientations as well, but we will not get into that, right now.

The particle board and ribbon had come apart so that’s the reason I was returning it.

As I was walking up to the front check out area, I didn’t see anyone at the registers, but I see there were three people at the service desk.

Henry, told me to leave my clock in / out card with him, and told me I could leave. Now, my only problem, is just getting back on my feet, from my losses, and going forward.

So, please forward this information, as this is the first time I am releasing it to you, not even Justin from LP has it, because he never inquired about it, and I need to set this straight, with your head offices.

I heard one of the ladies say to (Natalie- who waited on me) “are you open?

”, she replied, “ I’m the only person open but I’m trying to get other stuff done”.

The company gradually added additional clothing items and accessories.I stood there waiting for them to tell me which register to go to.Natalie waved her hand at me like she was directing traffic to register 7., no, it was broken when I purchased it I just didn’t realize it”. It was all I could do to not just walk away, but I proceeded to get her name from her name tag and ask who her store manager was which she told me was Jean Global.She finished returning my merchandise, and I purchased my new merchandise and had completed signing the receipt.

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