Dating service with background check

All of our services are offered 100% anonymous so the person you search wont know or be made aware.Our dating background checks have been featured on CNN, CBS and NBC and our results are 100% guaranteed so you can rest assured that you know exactly who youre meeting with the only surprises being good ones.When you begin seeing someone new, the thought of a budding relationship should be your biggest concern about them, not wondering if theyre lying about who they really are or about events of their past.

Whether you met them at the grocery store, work, a bar or one of the dozens of apps and websites available for online dating, a comprehensive dating background check will give you everything you need to know about your date to not only verify they are who they say they are, but make sure that there are no red flags you need to be aware of.

For a fee, My Life monitors your background report and allows you to enhance or correct publicly available information.

Spokeo is a service that provides White Pages listings, public records and social media information.

Users purchase public record information including name, address, criminal records and more; fees vary depending on how much information you request.

Many background check companies are able to offer background screening services, and some have different official credentials than others.

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