Dating phrases in portuguese

Lisbon is the most beautiful place to visit for a romantic weekend away.I noticed that Go Lisbon have a lovely blog post on romantic places to visit so I encourage you to take a look there as well.

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I like your G-string Eu adoro seu fio dental What is your star sign? My love, my treasure, sweetness, my angel, my star or little star (Terms of Enderament) and any other you can think of Meu amor, meu tesouro, doçura, meu anjo, minha estrela ou estrelinha (Termos de Carinho) e qualquer outro que você possa pensar You make me feel like no woman has made me feel before. Porque são muito bem desenvolvidos Is your father a thief?

Because are really well developed O seu pai é um fotógrafo?

One thing I really enjoy about running In Love With Lisbon is checking my blog stats.

I wholeheartedly agree with them that if you and your beloved are taking a Lisbon break this week you must make a visit to Sintra.

Now for all you princesses and knights in shining armour, here are the sweet nothings…

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