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Section 92.016 of the Texas Property Code gives victims of family violence the right to “vacate and avoid liability.” This means a victim of family violence may break her residential lease without penalty and in some cases without notice.Landlords who do not allow the tenant to break the lease or who attempt to place barriers, conditions, or restrictions on the victim are breaking the law and are subject to a civil penalty of one month’s rent plus 0, damages, and they must pay the victim’s attorneys’ fees.

In the final analysis, "living well" may be good revenge, but an even better outcome is to reach a place where revenge is not desired because one has moved on.Work to identify and concisely describe the big points of conflict where compromise proved elusive or impossible.Try to figure out where your personality and values clashed with those of your spouse and where they were in harmony.If maintaining a balanced household budget is important to you, but wasn't to your ex-spouse, and this clash was a contributing factor to your divorce, you will probably want to make sure early on that any future partner shares your enthusiasm for budgeting.Use this list as a guide as you re-enter the dating world.

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