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He has published three novellas with Water Street Press: Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan, and The Flight of Mehetabel.An outraged pensioner told yesterday how she was fined £50 for feeding crumbs to pigeons.She was stopped by the wardens outside the city's Victoria shopping centre last week.A flock of around half a dozen birds were loitering nearby and Mrs Withers said it "seemed natural2 to share the crumbs of the chicken sandwich with them."They started to peck the crumbs off the pavement", she said."When I moved off I even made sure to put the bag in a waste bin, but I had only gone a few steps when these two yellow-coats appeared.Nottingham City Council stood by the fine, saying the crumbs were classed as litter and littering was an offence met by a fine.Environment spokesman Brian Grocock said: "Food waste makes up a significant proportion of the litter cleaned up by the council every day."Dropping food, even if to feed pigeons, represents a real health risk.Last night dismayed Mrs Withers, the daughter of a policeman, condemned the authorities for targeting pensioners while criminals run wild on the streets.The retired antiques dealer said: "I have never put a foot wrong in this country in all my days.

I feel completely outraged by what has happened to me."Mrs Withers served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during the Second World War and skippered a 75ft-long motorboat delivering mail to British warships in the English Channel.It’s an amazing exercise in idiocy — like, who, exactly, in Russia do they expect to subpoena for this epic showdown in court?If the suit finds a sympathetic judge who does not laugh it off — not so difficult these days — we’ll be treated to a fabulous Chinese fire drill in a three-ring circus of clowns running around in DNC dirty laundry. They’ve Whigged themselves into a final, fatal apoplexy of irrelevance.They said "That's a £2,000 fine' and asked for my name, address and age.I didn't even know at first what they were talking about."Then they said I would be hearing from them.

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