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In the same way that a cartoon like stashes a word about environmentalism in its geography and lore — it’s set on a world called Ooo whose mystery and magic are slowly revealed to be fallout from what can best be described as nuclear cataclysm — the set pieces in a Gorillaz album, from isn’t so different from those albums at all.

See, I would characterize you as someone who — and maybe I’m thinking differently — have had a lot of success in the industry.

The Blur and Gorillaz architect’s work has landed much too close to where rock or pop or electronic music would end up a year or so behind him to call it a coincidence.

Blur’s mid-’90s trilogy of , the fifth Gorillaz full length.

The first time I wanted to visit Indonesia, I was puzzled where actually to go, it’s such a huge country.My all-time favorite comedians are Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.Phill Lewis, Missy Elliot, Paula Abdul and Kim Wayans guest star.Damon’s keen to set the record straight on Noel, a fellow traveller who he counts as a good friend.Noel’s really bright and I love hanging out with him,” he says.

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