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Connect your Song Kick account to your Spotify, Facebook, and accounts, and you’ll be kept up to date about when your favorite artists will be playing nearby.You’ll also be shown the ticket prices from various merchants so you can quickly find the cheapest option.If you subscribe to the .99 per month package, you’ll have access to a quality library that’s also supported by commercials.

We’re talking about the kind of films you’ll see played at festivals like Tribeca, Sundance, or SXSW.The free service is a good introduction, but it’s worth picking up Spotify Premium.You don’t realize how annoying the ads are until they’re gone. Without a doubt, Sound Cloud is God’s gift to indie music.Spotify has seen its fair share of controversy (including a high-profile tiff with Taylor Swift).However, it remains the best service, on PC or mobile, for streaming any music, whenever you want.

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