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A service charge of .00, or the first night’s fee (whichever is less), in addition to the .00 non-refundable reservation fee, will be assessed for the cancellation of a reservation for each individual campsite or facility if notice is received more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled arrival time.Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled arrival time shall result in the assessment of a .00 service charge and may require the forfeiture of the first night’s camping fee.A modification fee of .00 will be charged for modifications resulting in a reduction of stay where notification is received prior to check-in time.A modification fee of .00 will be charged for any modification to a previously made reservation that involves a change to the reservation dates even where part of the new stay includes part of the original stay booked. There are no lifeguards on duty and glass containers are not allowed on beaches or swim areas. Those 62 or older will receive 50% off camping fees within select Idaho State Parks. Idaho residents showing proof of limited income (Medicaid card) or who sign a limited income form will receive a discount of on camping.Above all we want you to have fun and relax in Idaho State Parks. Unless otherwise specified, and provided the combined equipment and people fit within the designated camping area of the site selected, the maximum capacity will be one (1) family unit or a party of no more than eight (8) persons, two (2) tents and two (2) motor vehicles. Two (2) motorcycles are the equivalent of one (1) motor vehicle when determining campsite capacity. : Prices below do not include MVEF (Motor Vehicle Entrance Fee), prices in the high end of range include additional fees for popular destination parks, premium camp sites and non-residents. Payment in full is required to confirm all reservations (additional vehicle fees are collected at the park). Payment in full will be processed immediately, allowing reservations to be confirmed at the time they are made.

A camping unit is considered to be one RV and/or two tents or any combination not to exceed one RV and two tents per individual site.

Reservation fees are waived for Idaho residents who have current, valid Idaho RV registration stickers.

Length of stay is limited to 15 days in any 30-day period.

Each campsite is allowed one extra vehicle, per campsite at a cost of (the standard motor vehicle entry fee). ATVs and motorbikes must stay on established roadways or in parking lots. Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6-feet or confined to a camper. Camping fees include the right to use designated campgrounds and facilities.

Pets are welcome in most Idaho State Parks, but some parks prohibit them in some cabins, yurts and they are prohibited from beaches. May I pick flowers or other vegetation in the park? Wildlife and vegetation are protected in all Idaho State Parks. Idaho's six percent sales tax applies to campsites.

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